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Enterprise consultancy in Organization

  • Economic - financial management, assuring to improve positive results.
  • Budgetary Management, harmonizing the expenses with the targets.
  • Design and accountable planning, in order to integrate their records. 
  • Labor and tributary matters, in accordance with the law and current standards.
  • Hiring practices and procurement of goods and services, in accordance with the State and the companies' policies.
  • Projects of investment and management, in accordance with the draft of business and its environment.

Integral consultancy to Entities of the State

  • Organization.
  • Formulation and management of the budget.
  • Financial economic management and administrative.
  • Formulating and qualification of projects for the National System of Public Investment.
  • Designing processes and countable integration.
  • Services and goods acquisition.
  • Privatizations and authorizations to usufruct.

Other services

  • Formulation of projects and implementation, identifying new business opportunities.
  • Strategic planning, establishing designs of accordance with the companies' policies.
  • Organizational development, that considers all aspects of the company.
  • Administration deals, administering funds and/or resources with specific goals.
  • Budget administration, in charge of the budget department of the company or entity.
  • Development and implementation of Information Technology platforms for administrative, operative and management environments.
  • Outsourcing management, carrying out certain functions of the company.
  • Privatization processes, taking part in the stages that the privatization demands.
  • Restructuring and merger of companies, improving managerial skills.
  • Commercial intermediation, formulating structure to improve business operations.
  • Promoter of projects.
  • Credit portfolio management.
  • Specialized training, in elements that the company needs direction.

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